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It’s About Quality!

When we started with our French Bulldog program many years ago, we started understanding the breed and the importance of structure, temperament, health, and genetics. Our love for the breed was our primary driver because we enjoyed the witty and clown-like characters of these fantastic dogs.

Decades later, we have never wavered from our foundation of quality, quality, and quality. We have been incredibly blessed that we don’t have to do what so many breeders do, which is to compromise quality for money. Our program has never been, nor will it ever be, about money. This is why we don’t try to push sell’s but rather forever family companions. We are blessed to have excellent genetics and DNAs for improving or enhancing the programs of other breeders or just the family wanting a great healthy family French Bulldog companion.

Our advice to buyers is to be careful of what they buy because it is so true that “not all French Bulldogs are created equal.”

You truly get what you pay for, and it’s sad to see what is being advertised as quality.

Thank you to the CrossPoint buyers and fellow breeders who understand the importance of never compromising quality and ethics!!

May the bark be with you 🙏🏿👍🏾

Sincerely CrossPoint

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